Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

"Cannot view videos in the app"

Not to worry! Please try one of the following steps to resolve the problem: 

  1. Refresh the video page with no videos loading by swiping down to trigger the page refresh feature
  2. Close the app and re-open
  3. Restart your phone
  4. Check your internet connection and switch between mobile data and WIFI to load the videos

"I haven’t received a magic link via email"

This would be due to a membership not yet being purchased. Once you have selected and purchased one of the membership plans from the bottom of our website you will then be able to use the email submitted when purchasing a membership to login to our apps. Please make sure your email is correct before purchasing our plans.

"How to view/edit/change details/subscription"

Simply login to your account portal via our website.

"I've purchased, downloaded, but have not received a magic link"

Head over to the app, enter your email address in all lower case, do not use auto fill and ensure there is no space at the end of your email. You will then receive your magic link to enter the app!

"How do I sign up?"

First step, purchase subscription from our website, scroll down until you find our membership packages, choose your desired package and then follow the on-screen instructions to purchase and access the app.

"Can I view the app on my computer?"

We have a desktop app so you can view our content on your PC, head to our download section and download the app for your platform.

"How can I login to the desktop app and the phone at the same time?"

To do this you must login on your mobile app first, once you're in, head to 'Settings' > 'Desktop App Login' and scan the QR code on the desktop app and enter the code on the screen. If all is well you should be logged into the desktop app and the mobile app!