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Psychological Warfare

I’ve never been one to shy away from the harsher realities of participating in the financial markets. If you follow me on social media, you’re likely no stranger to my beliefs in showing both sides of the digital coin.

To successfully play in this field, you first need to have a general awareness of your importance within the market, which is none. We tend to be rather fragile when it comes to the ego being rattled, it’s not easy for most to accept that they are an irrelevant metric in the market they choose to dabble in. It’s even harder when the ego has something to prove and believes it deserves to be crowned a winner of the markets.

You never truly conquer the art of trading, anyone carrying such a belief has been humbled quickly by the unpredictable shifts in the behaviour of the financial markets. It’s an endless battle, faced against an opponent with the capability of never allowing you to know its next move. Blindly challenging such an enemy is a foolish approach, especially if you’re repetitively going in for the same method of attack with little success. The opponent knows you better than you know yourself, it already knows the likelihood of where you’ll attack. This opponent has mastered the art of hunting and thrives on the consumption of those who fall for the bait. It learns from its feeding habits, it inherently possesses a very large appetite, and greed drives it to feed on the swarms of smaller prey blindly running into its trap.

The financial markets are interconnected with almost every aspect of our current reality.

The mainstream media, global economy, and politics are just a handful to mention. All of these carry one key similarity, centralisation. A concentration of power is left in the hands of those who thrive on the dominance they have instilled over mankind. To retain such status is no easy task, you certainly cannot achieve it without pulling a few strings and manipulating your way to the top.

I imagine the financial markets as the heart, with the individual sectors making up the ‘system’ to be the arteries that facilitate the stimulation of the heart. For the heart (market) to be stimulated, it requires nutrients (data) to flow through the arteries (the system). The problem here lies in the fact that the system stimulating the markets operates on a pyramid-hierarchy model, where a handful of players pull the strings. The data is frequently polluted, to create irregular behaviour from the market and unpredictable volatility. This heart is man-made, with the creators having full control over how it beats.

You couldn’t possibly expect a market dependent on the decisions, actions, and words of a select few to be free of manipulation, could you?

It’s fuelled by a monopoly of power. The corruption and manipulation within the very system the markets reflect can be visualised in real-time thanks to candlestick charts. It’s executed in broad daylight for all to see, yet most continue falling for the same tricks, unable to comprehend that they have entered a playground where their suffering benefits the pockets of those pulling the strings.

Whilst many different factors and methods go into the manipulation of the financial markets, which we will save for another article, it all stems from the same source, that being greed.

The market makers prey on the vulnerability of those who possess the traits of sheep, blindly flocking in herds to their slaughter. Greed is the driving force behind this mentality, it can eradicate all rationale. In an irrational and emotional state, you are at your most vulnerable. When critical thinking is clouded by emotions, you are very easily susceptible to external programming. We saw this example showcased in real life throughout the COVID Pandemic.

In Crypto, we have a fear and greed index as an additional means of gauging market sentiment. We do not necessarily see this in any other market, which should speak for itself in terms of how critical the role of emotions are in this game.

Those pulling the strings are also driven by greed, the difference being their positions of power and financial backing allow them to pursue this greed in manners we are unable to replicate. Everything is driven by fear and greed. Fear is the creator of missed opportunities, and Greed is the creator of financial losses.

Those at the top of the pyramid have the capabilities to move the price of an asset to pre-specified levels, whilst manufacturing candlestick patterns and formations throughout the process. What you see on your charts are showcasing the exact moves of the puppet masters, the candlesticks provide a live stream of the systems movements at work for all to see. It’s wise to monitor the candles with an understanding that every movement to the upside or downside is being driven by a selection of conscious entities. We often view the markets purely on the basis that the candlesticks represent a buying or selling frenzy, we tend to forget that in liquid markets a larger allocation of capital is required to shift the market, alongside the help of algorithms. The retail capital alone isn’t necessarily enough to move the markets unless, of course, the majority are grouped to orchestrate moves in advance. Even in such a case, that would still result in centralisation of power.

In a nutshell, you think you have money. Those who can influence the prices of markets however have real money.

View each candlestick as a footprint of what strings the puppet masters are pulling next. If you’re willing to accept that there’s no such thing as coincidences in the market, you will be able to achieve a higher level of clarity over the flow of the candlesticks. The market is a mechanism that parts the fool from their money and places it directly in the hands of the smart. The house always wins, you will never outperform it. Your goal is to win alongside the house, piggybacking onto wherever its next destination may be. For the house to succeed, it needs a lot of losers. We are those losers.

Take a look at what you are traditionally taught, it’s all the same.

Doji, hammer, marabozu, shooting star, head and shoulders, trendlines, support and resistance, and all of the rest.

These are all the basics of what we learn when entering the markets. Every new participant enters the ring educated on the same patterns, methods and strategies. Fresh blood flows in abundance to the markets daily, armed with traditional textbook teachings on what to look for and how to trade it.

Do you think the puppet masters are not aware of these candlestick patterns and formations?

Who do you think is driving the price to create those signals?

Do you think you’re alone in what you perceive of the charts?

I was humbled incredibly quick when it started to dawn on me that this was all a setup. It’s a classic tactic, we can see this replicated within the educational and rat-race systems. Both were intended to spit out carbon-copied products, all programmed with the same beliefs and slave mindset. The entire system of life being rigged is no secret, it doesn’t take much to figure that one out. I figured if the entire system is rigged, and those rigging the system are influencing the markets, it’s likely the same methodologies of the puppet masters would be replicated in the markets.

They always follow the same rulebook. The tactics have been replicated all over the world for decades.

It’s up to you to figure out the patterns.

We’re usually unaware of how significantly we have been programmed to run on auto-pilot throughout our life, questioning little, and operating without much thought. We forget that the education we're taught also derives from centralised sources, and these entities do not necessarily have our best intentions at heart.

Always remember that participation in the financial markets is a dangerous game without an understanding of the arena you have willingly thrown yourself in. You are being hunted at all times. The very moment you enter, you are being led towards the next trap to get you slaughtered. You cannot enter the enemy territory and expect the enemy to have your best intentions in their mind. You are taught to be bait, and most never figure out why they continue becoming it.

Your goal is to accept that you are always the bait in this game. Your purpose in this game isn’t to become the hunter, it’s to follow the hunters, and gently make it to the other side. Detach from the herd, take a step back, and let the other bait amongst you take the hit first, their herd-like mentality will lead to a fate that paves the way for you.

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